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Your purchase is making this mission possible, and I can’t thank you enough on behalf of myself and all the individuals that are able to continue their journey of healing.

Some of the therapy resources that are provided to help the healing process for victims/survivors are: talk therapy, holistic medicine, EMRD therapy, and Reiki.


I’ve been a self-taught artist of many mediums ever since I can remember. As a child, I was creating art and I knew watching my ideas turn into reality was the thing that brought me the most happiness in this world. I have been described as an eclectic person, someone who has a variety of interests and styles, and I reflect that greatly into my work and life.

Through my time in nursing school and in the National Guard, my passion and free time was always spent crafting and working towards my dream of creating art. 


The mission for Morning Sage Healing developed while I was on my own journey of healing. I have met and talked with many people along the way who have shared their own stories and expressed desire to seek help and hope to heal from their experience. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people I met were unsure where to begin with their healing journey, and many expressed the inability to start due to therapy costs. I wanted to develop a way that I could use my passion for art and creativity while also helping others who have endured similar experiences to begin their journey of healing.  

Challenging myself with different mediums, styles and equipment helps feed my creativity and encourages new ideas and appreciation for different styles of art. I work with metal, paint, ceramics, stained glass, and other forms of refurbishing old elements. I thrive by flowing through the diverse forms of mediums.

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